India is a diverse country where travellers find no-go topography and fascinating tourist destinations in the form of majestic snowcapped Himalayas, lush untried valleys, meandering rivers, exotic wildlife sanctuaries, wondrous architectures, misty hill stations, and stunning beaches. Apart, there is moreover a parallel list of unique, and unconvincing attractions in India that probably plane voracious travelers are unaware of. From haunted places to destinations that defy logic and science, our country is full of marvels that will leave you mesmerized as part of India tour packages. If you are among those who wish to explore unique places in India, trammels out our list of some of the weird places to visit in India here.

Toilet Museum, New Delhi

Located in Dwarka in west Delhi, the Toilet Museum is one of the unique places to visit in India and is designated as the weirdest museum in the world by Time Magazine. Built in 1992 by Dr. Bindeshwar Pathak (a social activist), it is established to write the global history of sanitation and toilets. Moreover known as Sulabh International Museum of Toilet, the museum exhibits varied styles of toilets from over 50 countries that range from ornately carved toilets to painted urinals and related anecdotes. The museum is divided into three sections-Ancient, Medieval, and Modern. With an variety of privies, chamber pots, toilet furniture, bidets, and water closets, the museum portrays a history of toilets and sewage systems from 3000 BC to the modern-day. Besides, the museum got popular through the cleanliness momentum by our Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the very famous Bollywood movie (Toilet- Ek Prem Katha). Thronged by tourists from all over the world, it is one of the weird places to visit in Delhi.

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New Lucky Restaurant, Gujarat

Another weird place in India, the New Lucky Restaurant located in the Lal Darwaza region of Ahmedabad. The restaurant was built virtually 60 years ago on an old Muslim Cemetery. Instead of removing or tent the coffins, the owner synthetic the restaurant virtually it and offered a unique endangerment for people to dine at this restaurant. Delicious supplies at an affordable price is served to customers. Also, the staff cleans all the graves every morning and adorns them with fresh flowers. Besides its tasty food, the restaurant is regarded as one of the weightier places to visit in Ahmedabad for its uniqueness. Dining at this restaurant in Ahmedabad will surely requite you an unforgettable wits that attracts a large number of visitors as part of Ahmedabad Tour Packages.

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Channapatna Dog Temple, Karnataka

Channapatna Dog temple is one of the unique and weird places situated in Agrahara Valagerehalli village in the municipality of Channapatna in Karnataka. Built in 2010, the temple worships dogs slantingly the deity. Locals believe that dogs protect the municipality from negativity and bad culture. The temple moreover hosts a festival to honor the dogs. Apart, Channapatna is moreover known as the ‘town of toys’ where one can get trappy and colorful lacquerware and wooden toys and dolls. If you are a Dog lover, then it is one of the unique places to visit near Bangalore.

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Karni Mata Temple, Rajasthan

Popularly known as ‘Rat Temple’, Karni Mata Temple is flipside religious site that is counted among the most weirdest places in India, and among the top places to visit in Bikaner. The temple is virtually 600-year-old and houses virtually 25,000 live rats which are worshipped here. It is believed that Laxman, the son of Karni Mata was drowned in a swimming tropical to the temple. Then, she prayed to the Lord Yama who well-set and happy that Laxman, and all his brothers will be reincarnated as rats. These holy rats are known as kabbas, and the supplies eaten by them is considered to be holy and is later served as prasadam. Influenced by Mughal style of architecture, the temple is ornate with a fantastic marble facade and carvings that add increasingly recreate to the place. Besides, a grand pearly is organized every year in the temple during the Navratri that draws large prod as part of Bikaner Tour Packages.

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Shani Shingnapur, Maharashtra

Shani Shingnapur is one of the weird places in India where the houses and shops have no doors. Sounds interesting and weird right? Situated virtually 84 km from Aurangabad, it is a popular religious place where Lord Shani is worshipped, and among the weightier places to visit near Pune. Locals believe that the village and villagers are protected by Lord Shani and anyone who attempts theft is punished by the God. Like these, there are numerous traditions followed in this village from past 400 years that make this place a unique and weird. Visited by thousands of devotees throughout the year, it is one of the must include in Shirdi tour packages.

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