This was a post that went out on in our newsletter during December (I guess it doesn't too much to icon that out). We got quite a few responses from the vendible so we thought we would share the belated 12 Birds of Christmas list. Moreover trammels out the tomfool video that our friends the Bush Boys made without reading the vendible (please show some love and follow their YouTube account)

One of the most popular Christmas songs must be the 12 days of Christmas. In the song, there are 6 variegated birds mentioned and I thought that there should be more! So, I have decided to compile a list of 12 variegated birds that remind me of Christmas.

12. Red-Chested Cuckoo

To start off I have chosen the Red-Chested Cuckoo, or increasingly wontedly known in South Africa as the piet-my-vrou the reason this bird reminds me of Christmas is considering when I hear that first Cuckoo calling, I know that Summer is upon us! It is an iconic bird with a really special call.

11. Gorgeous Bushshrike

I picked this bird considering of how special it is to see one, no matter how many times youve seen it in the same way, it doesnt matter how often youve experienced a person you love receiving a gift, whether this year is your 20th or 80th time, the wits unchangingly leaves you breathless.

10. Black Collared Barbet

One of the many things I love well-nigh Black Collared Barbets is that the male and sexuality undeniability together and that, for me, is how I see family gathering on Christmas Day. No matter how long its been since youve seen them last, it just takes you seeing them then to get when in sync.

9. Diederik Cuckoo

Not only is this bird strikingly beautiful, but it is moreover one of the birds you hear often during Summer! I love that they towards to be scrutinizingly emerald green. This bird simply makes it onto my list for the eyeful that it possesses!

8. Laughing Dove

I heard someone once describe the undeniability of the laughing dove as Santa Claus going ho-ho-ho and that has unchangingly stuck in my head. The other reason this bird is on the list is considering I had to include a dove somewhere on the list!

7. African Paradise Flycatcher

I love looking at these birds and they are unchangingly on the move! They remind me of the rush that can be found during Christmas time. But the eyeful of these birds is that most of their rushing is to help their family. Dont forget your family during the busyness!

6. Fiery-Necked Nightjar

I dont know well-nigh the rest of South Africa, but in KZN one of the calls that you are likely to hear near sunset is the undeniability of the Fiery-Necked Nightjar. Many say that the undeniability is good lord unhook us but whatever you think it sounds like, Im sure that you can stipulate that it is a undeniability that is peaceful.

5. Greater Honeyguide

Victor, Victor yet flipside bird that has a undeniability increasingly iconic than its name! I chose this bird considering it reminds me of birding on Birding Big Day usually it is one of the sounds I am most eager to hear considering its one I can unquestionably identify!

4. Southern Double-collared Sunbird

This bird unmistakably loves Christmas, considering it unchangingly has its weightier Christmas coloured feathers on!

3. Barn Swallow

Nothing says summer quite like seeing hundreds of warehouse swallows flying over your throne near evening! This is hands one of my top 3 birds of Summer.

2. Green Twinspot

A bird that I have seen once, and want to see over and over again, the Untried Twinspot has such a trappy plumage that it is scrutinizingly a souvenir for a person to see it.

1. Narina Trogon

A bird that is rarely seen out in the open, but it is a bird that instantly makes me think of Christmas. Why, you ask? Considering most of us dont see it that often, its like we are seeing it for the first time. May we tideway this Christmas season, and the promise of time spent with family whether it be in person or online with the same wonder that we have when seeing this trappy bird!

So, that is my list! I want to hear what you think should be on this list send me an email to

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