The event continues until midnight on Monday May 2.

Posted by Bob Lefebvre

The first two days of the City Nature Challenge are well-constructed and so far we have over 400 species reported from over 2,500 observations. I’m sure many observers (like me) have taken quite a few photos that they haven’t had time to post to iNaturalist yet, so the numbers for the first two days will increase, and we still have two days to go. Participants have until 9am on May 9 to upload their photos, so please don’t think you can’t participate considering you won’t have time. Try to take a few photos of each organism so it is easier for the iNaturalist AI and for other participants to identify.

Eurasian Collared-Dove
Eurasian Collared-Dove I photographed in my yard on April 30. It may take a few days surpassing I get a endangerment to upload this and other photos to the project, but I have until May 9 at 9 am to do so. Photo by Bob Lefebvre.

You can take photos of any living thing – birds, other animals, plants, plane yes-man if you are worldly-wise to! Good quality photos are important, but for many birds and animals the photos only have to be good unbearable to identify, which is often easy plane with afar or blurry photos, so don’t hesitate to capture a bird’s photo considering you can’t get a perfect shot. Common species like House Sparrows and dandelions should be recorded as well as increasingly “interesting” species.

A centipede I photographed in my yard yesterday using my phone. Based on the iNaturalist Artificial Intelligence I believe it is a Brown Centipede, but if it is flipside species the worldwide network of iNaturalist users will correct me. Photo by Bob Lefebvre

This is a planet-wide event with hundreds of cities taking part. There are forty-two Canadian municipalities participating this year. Of undertow every municipality has a variegated set of species, but we can “compete” to see how many people take part, how many observations we make, and how many species we record – plane if it’s not a level playing field. In Calgary we have taken pride in leading the country in the number of observations we have made during past CNC’s.

Calgary Municipality Nature Rencontre 2022
Calgary’s stats from the iNaturalist project page.

This year, we have a little work to do to reservation up to Toronto for total observations. The stats at the top of the page are for the whole country. (See the iNaturalist project page for Canada.)

City Nature Rencontre Canada
The Canadian cities with the most observations as of Sunday morning, May 1, 2022.

You might moreover like to see how the worldwide rencontre is going – some incredible numbers from La Paz, Hong Kong, and (as always) Cape Town. See the page here for a well-constructed list of cities and their progress.

In specimen you have any questions well-nigh how the rencontre works, here is a quick FAQ from the City Nature Challenge main website.

Please get out and help to log the biodiversity of the Calgary area!

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