4 embroidery panels showing birds and representations of the sounds they make
Clockwise from top left: Three-wattled Bellbird, Sandhill Crane, Nocturnal Curassow, Musician Wren. Embroidery by Ana Luiza Catalano.

Brazilian sound recordist Ana Luiza Catalano has archived nearly 300 audio recordings of birds in the Cornell Lab of Ornithologys Macaulay Library, thanks to training she received from taking the Cornell Labs Sound Recording Workshop twice.

Catalano earned her PhD researching birdsong, and she conducts sensory monitoring of bird populations in the Amazonian forest. During the pandemic she took up needlework, and decided to incorporate the eyeful of what she hears by ear into the art she creates for the eyeincluding a snippet of spectrogram on her embroidered birds.

Hear what each of the birds sounds like:

Follow Catalano’s art on Instagram at @bordandoespecies.