The most thorough, current, useful, and user-friendly typesetting of its kind, Britain’s Birds has wilt a best-seller since it was originally released and has swiftly wilt the standard photographic identification guide for the birds of Great Britain and Ireland. The handbook, which has received praise from all levels of birdwatchers, from novices to experts, has just undergone a comprehensive revision and updating to wilt plane largest than before. This widely awaited second edition keeps the weightier of the first edition while subtracting twelve newly documented species and delivering a number of enhancements that make identification simpler. It combines the weightier of identification guide content and presentation.

“This is our ‘go to’ field guide when explaining species to clients during our tours and one I unchangingly recommend to them. Easily the weightier photographic bird identification guide on the market tent all the birds overly encountered in Britain and Ireland. This 2nd edition moreover adds 12 new species recorded since the first edition plus revisions to reflect the latest taxonomy. A must have to throw in the car or add to your birding library. (Paul Freestone)

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