This time of year has me up early, in the garden or local patch on sunny storing mornings, vision to the skies, looking for visibly migrating birds. This is known in the birding world as ‘Viz Migging’ and this typesetting is the Viz Migging Bible! Often the birds are upper up and obviously seen from underneath, so I have taken to firing off a load of photographs then (hoping at least one is in focus!) referring to this spanking-new book. The majority of my photos can’t compare to the superb images and illustrations in the typesetting but it’s unconfined fun trying. It’s moreover an invaluable tool for getting to grips with less worldwide species. I’m a unconfined well-wisher of new and novice birders getting to know the worldwide birds first, that way, when something out of the ordinary flies over you will be worldly-wise to eliminate the ones you know and concentrate on narrowing lanugo what else it could be. The typesetting has unconfined explanations well-nigh flight patterns and flock structure, all useful information for use in the field. If you like to record sound, there are moreover sonograms of the calls to compare with your own recordings. In conclusion, this is a valuable wing to the bird library, very usable in the field and extremely readable on storing nights! To get your copy, click on the link below:

The first of its kind, a richly illustrated, cutting-edge field guide for identifying European passerines in flight. This is the first field guide for identifying European passerines in flight, with over 1,850 stunning colour illustrations by well-known bird versifier Tomasz Cofta, who creates remarkably lifelike images using the latest digital technology. This cutting-edge typesetting features a seamlessly integrated tideway with detailed coverage of 206 passerines and 32 near-passerine landbirds. It combines Cofta’s precise illustrations of key shape and coloration features with a variety of photos for each species showing how they towards in flight. The species finance are brief, to-the-point, and authoritative, with essential information on individual flight style and flock structure and behaviour presented succinctly.

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