Birding or birdwatching is one of the fastest growing hobbies in the world. Almost daily we read of people that are starting to bird and are looking for translating on how to get started. We have put together this vendible to help you get started in this heady journey, we will imbricate the nuts that should be looked at when identifying birds, as well as helping you segregate the weightier resources misogynist on the South African market.

The Six Nuts Of Identifying Birds:

1. Size – What size is the bird? Is it worthier than or small than?

A sparrow – 15cms

A dove – 25cms

A guineafowl – 55cms

2. Snout (beak) – Note the size, the shape, and the colour of the bill. Is it a seedeater, an insect eater, a fruit eater, a raptor etc?

3. Legs – Note the colour and length of the legs and feet? What is the structure of the toes?

4. Plumage – Note the colours and markings on the bird. Note the colours at the variegated parts on the bird.

5. Habits – What was the bird doing?

6. Habitat – Where did you see the bird? Note the distribution of the bird.

When it comes to choosing a bird identification app or field guide, we are spoilt with options in South Africa. If you were to ask the question to a group of birders, you would get a whole range of responses telling you which is best. What you need to remember is that they are normally recommending the app that suits their unique preferences (just like we will in this article). You need to find the app or field guide that suits what YOU ARE LOOKING FOR. You need to note that there are books and apps that are largest suited for people of variegated levels wits as birders. We have used each of the apps and books on this list, and honestly, there are people that would enjoy each of the resources on the list. If you have any remoter questions, please finger self-ruling to waif us an email and we will help and teach you (

What Is The Weightier Bird App?

We have listed these in the order that we recommend them.

1. BirdPro App – This is a modern app with a whole range of unconfined features. The app doesn’t use drawings, it only features photos. As with all the apps it features quality bird undeniability recordings. The app is growing and improving all the time – and has just widow an image recognition tool that promises to be very accurate. Download the app for IOS or Android

2. Roberts Bird Guide 2 – A much loved app in the Southern African birding polity – features both drawings and photos. Wide range of quality bird calls. The app moreover has the most information on the variegated species. Download the app for IOS or Android

3. Sasol eBirds Southern Africa – One of the newest apps on the market, so the list of birds featured is up to date. The app uses photos and drawings, it moreover features bird calls. The app doesn’t have a unconfined user interface, but what is unconfined is you are worldly-wise to play the calls from the opening screen. Download the app for IOS or Android

4. Newman's Birds Southern Africa – A bit of an outdated app – we recommend that you wait for the update surpassing purchasing the app. Download the app for IOS or Android

If you would like to hear increasingly well-nigh the Southern Africa Bird Apps, we did a podcast series where we covered each app in detail - Which is the Weightier Bird App to get

What Is The Weightier Self-ruling Bird App?

1. Merlin Bird ID App – A self-ruling bird app from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology in the United States. With this app you can load a bird photo you have taken, and the app will identify what you have seen. This is a unconfined feature, but it is not unchangingly accurate. The app moreover uses a few bird names that are not wontedly used in South Africa. Download the app for IOS or Android

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What Is The Weightier Apps For Recording Birds You Have Seen:

We have listed these in the order that we recommend them for the South African market

1. Birdlasser App – This is an app to record the birds you see and help you alimony your bird life list. The app is widely used in the Southern African birding community, and allows you to participate in atlassing and challenges. Download the app for IOS or Android

2. eBird App – A bird recording app ripened by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. This is probably the widest used bird listing app internationally – the app offers a lot for the user, which a unconfined information linked to your account. Download the app for IOS or Android

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The Weightier Bird Field Guides:

We have listed these in the order that we recommend them.

1. Sasol Birds of Southern Africa (5th Edition) – The newest field guide on the market, with good information and plates. The guide is suitable for both newer and increasingly experienced birders. The guide features a handy barcode with each bird that allows you to wangle the calls at no uneaten cost. Buy your Sasol Field Guide

2. Roberts Bird Guide (Second Edition) – The most popular guide amongst increasingly experienced birders – lots of ‘meaty information’ well-nigh the birds, withal with well painted plates. Buy your Roberts Field Guide

3. Newman's Birds of Southern Africa – A good typesetting for newer birders, but a bit outdated and newer birders may find themselves outgrowing the guide eventually. Buy your Newman's Field Guide

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Specialist Bird Books:

Faansie’s Bird Book – This is sold as a kids bird book, but it’s a unconfined typesetting for anyone that is starting their birding journey. The typesetting is colourful and fun – this is essential for any birder’s bookshelf! Buy Faansie's Bird Book

Chamberlain’s LBJ’s – This Faansie Peacock typesetting is a unconfined tool to help work out how to identify those tricky brown birds. Buy Chamberlain's LBJ's

Chamberlain’s Waders – Another fantastic Faansie Peacock typesetting to help you identify waders – which many birders struggle with! Buy Chamberlain’s Waders

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